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Rental Properties in France

There is a reason that France is the most popular travel destination in the world. It is a truly beautiful country that is steeped in history and culture and has a renowned reputation as being the land of superb food and wine.


France is made up of 22 regions split into 96 departments all of which have a certain uniqueness that makes France so special.

Map of France showing French Regions

Map of France showing the 22 French regions

Holiday rentals in France

France and Monaco Rentals is continually looking to expand our properties throughout the different regions of France from Normandy, Paris and Champagne in the north, Bordeaux in the south west, Alsace and the French Alps in the east and Provence and The French Riviera in the south east.

Whether you are looking for an elegant Parisian apartment, a fully restored ancient property in the countryside or an exclusive apartment or villa on the French Riviera we are available to assist you with your holiday rental requirements.

Please feel free to contact us or via our contact page if our listed properties do not meet your requirements as we can assist you in finding a suitable property for your stay in France.

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